Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sweet Summer Pretties- five Etsy faves (and a bonus)

We're heading into the last days of summer, sadly. August is my favorite month, but it's always a little bittersweet because I know it will be over before I know it and then it's back to the grind of the cold. Still, there's a little time to grab onto these last lovely days and savor them. And here's a few of my favorite summer lovelies from Etsy.

I love this necklace from little black rabbitt. The artist uses one of my favorite things- old tin tray and arranges them into a sweet but simple necklace.

What can I say about this print from thewheatfield other than it's so pretty and I want one?

I adore those stacking vintage mugs and this set of four from Vintage Reinvented is particularly pretty. Perfect for sitting on the balcony, sipping coffee on summer mornings. Or, more likely, in the winter time, inside, dreaming of summer days past and yet to come.

I love theseRainbow colored party poms from Party Poms . I'd hang them up in my dining room and every day would feel like a party, wouldn't it?

Check out her Petite Poms too.

I don't iron. Life is far too short for that. But I do sew sometimes, and you need an ironing board for that. This ironing board cover by City Chic Country Mouseis so lovely and sweet. It might almost make you forget that you've already ripped out and resewn that stupid seam five times already and still haven't gotten it right.

And a bonus favorite from Toybreaker, for the guys, and other tie wearing folks. Not sweet at all. But with clipper ships. I have an enduring love for clipper ships and other tall ships from the golden age of sail.

We've already got our tickets for Tall Ships Chicago on one of the last weekends of the summer. I love this event. We went last time the tall ships were in the city and it was just amazing. I marvel every time I see one at the intricacy of them and the craftsmanship. They are so beautiful.

Monday, August 9, 2010

There are no words that can express just how much I love this video. Just watch it.