Tuesday, March 23, 2010

five things I want in my wardrobe right now.

This necklace. I have a weakness for things nautical, and especially tall ships. I think it has something to do with my deep and abiding love of theAubrey/Maturin novels. Nautical styles are in again this spring, like it seems they are every spring, but I like this pendant because it nods that way without making it look like you're about to get on a yacht.

Another custom tea dress by Sohomode. I have one in fall colors, sort of a brown with white, orange, yellow and black floral print. The fall one I have, I toughen up a bit by wearing it with a thick black belt with multiple buckles and knee high black boots. A spring and summer sohomode, I'd wear with the belt it came with and coordinating espadrilles.

I'm not sure I even know where this dress is from. It's been in my clip file for a couple of years now and I still love it. It's part demure, part serious, all girl, with a little influence of Japanese Lolita fashion, without so much of it that a grown woman couldn't wear the dress.

See, there's a part of me that is super sad that Japanese influence fashion and the EGL stuff was nowhere on the horizon so many years ago when I was seventeen and could get away with such stuff.

The perfect crinoline from Porschesplace. I've got a number of vintage and vintage style dresses that just need this. This color would be fantastic peeking out from under the hem of a navy blue dress, don't you think?

The Iris boot by Green Shoes. Can't you picture them in red "vegan leather"? No? Okay, how about something still versatile and practical, but with a bit of panache, like the navy "vegan leather".


Toni said...

yep, your right! I would love owning each of these things too. Especially the dresses, very cute!

Rose Campion said...

thanks for the comment. Sadly, I don't think any of them will be going into my wardrobe, except in my imagination. We're going to London sometime this spring, so no money for pretty dresses or crinolines.