Wednesday, March 24, 2010

fun with polyvore

I didn't realize until recently that you could use polyvore to mock up rooms. I had a bit of fun this afternoon putting this set together. It's about a million miles away from my real dining room and I'm not even sure I'd really like this for very long in real life. It was so much fun to play around though.

I will say this about polyvore though, it's hard to feel like one has really got the proportions of the room right with it. The images come up all kinds of different sizes and you kind of have to guess as to what's right. I'm pretty sure I got the Chinese sideboard way smaller than in is in real life and the target lamp lots bigger. The mirror though, that's probably dead on. It's huge in real life. I love it and would get it in a second if I had a space on any wall in my house big enough for a fifty inch diameter sunburst mirror.

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Toni said...

Hello! I am doing a photo mashup in April and would love for you to join! Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you info.
Have a fab day!