Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just a few things...

We had a great time in London. This picture is just outside of the Victoria and Albert Museum, which was only about six or so blocks from where we stayed in Knightsbridge. Their collection of fashion and decorative arts is second to none. I could have stared for hours at their dress collections. I think it bored Mr. Campion a bit, so I had to cut my time there shorter than I would have liked. I hope I can go back sometime soon.

I'm trying not to forget about charity, even though times are tough and it's tempting to cut back. I just made a donation to little dresses for Africa. They look to be a great charity, run entirely by volunteers and they promise that 100% of their donations will go to help children with AIDS in Africa. The highest rates of infection in the world are in Africa and its the children that suffer most.

Also, a deadline is coming up soon for Afghans for Afghans, a charity that I've supported for some time. I've knit about fifty baby hats for them. Please, if you knit or crochet, consider making a hat or blanket for them. Make sure to read their guidelines carefully.

I bought some fabric for throw pillows. I chose Amy Butler's Midwest Modern. I think it'll look great with my aqua colored sectional.

I've gotten rid of my leather purses. There's a lot of great cloth and vinyl bags out there. I haven't gotten rid of my pregan leather shoes yet, but it seemed right to phase leather out of my purses. Here's one great vegan bag.

So far this winter, like for the last eight winters, no weather had been able to keep me off my bike. I've braved 10 below and snow and even icy roads after an ice storm. The only weather that came close to scaring me was the ice storm. I still maintain that nothing is more fun than riding in a couple of inches of freshly fallen snow. I also feel a bit safer on the road because of this year's. Christmas present.

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London. sigh.
Victoria and Albert museum. sigh.
Textiles. sigh