Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Greatest motivational poster ever"

I know that a lot of people on Apartment Therapy and other design blogs have already condemned the "keep calm and carry on poster as trite, overdone and and generally un-inspired.

That said, I love my keep calm poster. It's hanging in my bedroom, right across from the bed, where I can see it first thing in the morning. I guess I love the poster because it's like a perfect nutshell summary of my life's philosophy. I'm not saying it's a piece of design genius or anything like that. I just love the saying. I'd be a little happier if I could have it more or less like it is, but without the crown on top, as generally I don't hold with royalism. But hey, it wouldn't have the historical resonance if it didn't.

Anyway, I found a great article about the poster and its history. You might like to read it.


angeljoy said...

I like it too....

Bethel of Bethania said...

I like it too but there again I don't go with the crowd... if I like it I have it... if it inspires me I don't care if it don't inspire others... somedays we have to be selfish to preserve our sanity... Bethel