Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let's get one thing straight....

I am not a hero.

This is a hero.

I'm just a chick on a bike.

But seriously, some guy called me a hero as I walked out of the post office today. "You're riding in this?" he asked. And I was like sure. And then he said I was a hero. But, like I said, I'm just a chick on a bike. It's an every day thing for me. Even though the weather was about 45F and it was raining, it was still just another errand for me. I had my lacrosse rain jacket and my rain pants. I was dry as a bone under them. Sure, I didn't like going out in the rain to the post office, but it had to get done today, so off I went.

Its actually a pretty constant thing, people commenting on my biking in all weather. It was the first time I was called a hero, but I'm often told I'm somehow tougher than the average girl, that I'm amazing, It bothers me, because I think that this kind of attitude might stop people from giving the car free or car light life a try. It's not as hard as people think it is. And calling me a hero for doing it really trivializes what a hero is.


Molly said...

My sister the Hero.

Leslie from said...

Still, it takes commitment to continue to ride one's bike when it's not always a sunny day in June.

BTW, thanks for the feedback on the Shamwows. My sweetie did end up getting them for me as a joke and they are so lame I call them SHAMEWOW now. So, I'm just using old towels and my handmade rags instead.

And thanks for hipping me to your blog. I added it to my list of blogs, if that's OK with you!

Rose Campion said...

My sister the Smartypants.

Leslie- I wouldn't say it's so much a commitment as a habit at this point. Plus the fact that there is no car for me to take really makes it easy. So its really a no-brainer to get onto the bike.

And yeah, those scam-wows are really shabby, aren't they? At least I just got mine from the store. I've heard people who bought them from the phone number on the commercial had problems with the company over-charging, sending them multiple orders and refusing to give refunds, etc.

Being added to your bloglist is cool. Nice to meet you.