Thursday, July 17, 2008

Five things

eating: Peaches. We still haven't finished all the peaches that we bought at the farmer's market last Saturday, and it's just the start of the season thankfully. I know some are partial to Georgia peaches, but to me, the best will always be Michigan peaches, and that's what we get at our farmer's market.

thinking about: How am I going to arrange all my random pieces of art on the wall over my Chinese chest? It really intimidates me, especially when I all the amazing ways that people have done mixed arrangements of art. And it's not just these ones you see that have to go up on the all. They're hiding a whole other layer of prints. And the sweetest little Chinese screen I have with Japanese maples and a couple of little birds.

listening: Tegan and Sara- The Con. Where have they been all my life? I've needed a compelling new band to listen to and I've finally found it.

wearing: Every chance I get, I've been wearing my new dress by Jane Bon Bon. Well, not to my work, because I don't want to chance getting it dirty. But if you're a dress wearer at all, check out her etsy store. She's especially nice for the full-figured. Her specialty is the "braless dress". And she means it.



reading: Northanger Abbey. I'm not sure I like it. Catherine is not as foolish as Emma but nowhere near as sensible as Fanny Price.


angeljoy said...

That dress is PRECIOUS!
I really dig that couch too!

I got my intro to Chicago this past spring when I attended the huge beauty/hair show. My favorite thing was going to the Art Institute. I fell deeply in love with Edward Hopper who's work was a featured exhibit.

Rose Campion said...

thanks- the couch is from room and board and it's the first "real" grown up couch I've ever had.

The Art Institute is amazing. I love the Hopper a lot, and of course, his most famous work, Nighthawks, lives permanently at the AI. But my favorite painting is by Caillebotte
I could stare at it for hours.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Around here, we think Chilton County, Alabama, just down the road, grows the best peaches. I've never had any from Michigan. The dress is adorable.

Rose Campion said...

You know, I think probably the best peaches are the ones grown wherever you are. Peaches are so delicate when ripe. To ship long distance, they have to be picked when all but green. That's probably why all the best peaches I've had are from Michigan and the Georgia peaches just don't compare.

Sissy said...

I am totally intranced by the red lacquer chest! And very envious, lol.

Rose Campion said...

Sissy- the red chest is from China, by way of ebay. And if you were to look inside it, you'd be, oh, what mess! Seriously. It's got a bit of everything we don't know where else to stash. Plus what remains of a giant yarn stash. I've been on a yarn diet for two years now and I'm finally seeing results.