Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just a quick post. We went to the Art Institute tonight and saw this show. No pictures because you weren't allowed to take pictures in the exhibit. But I will say that my favorite work was this small sculpture of the Oba (Benin King) meeting Queen Elizabeth II and this pair of leopards. They're so cunningly crafted. Make sure you zoom on the picture to get a good view of the surface details, how they made the leopard's spots. I love the grin they seem to have, with their bared teeth.

The picture has nothing to do with the main topic of the post. I offer it as proof that I haven't been entirely idle. Click on the small photo to see it larger. The rolled edge and garter stitch are visible that way.


angeljoy said...

I love the Art Institute! Did I tell you I visited there this past spring? I saw the Edward Hopper exhibit.
I want to knit this weekend. I have a hard time stopping long enough to pick up the needles!

Rose Campion said...

Hopper is amazing. I'm glad that the traveling show is over and that Nighthawks is back in its place in the permanent collection.

Heh. I think of myself as this addicted knitter, but the truth is, I haven't knit since last weekend. There will be time for it this weekend though. Suggest you bring knitting with you everywhere and fit a few stitches in whenever you can. I seem to get most the most knitting done when I do that. Or when I get the box set for a killer show I have seen before. Like the 4400, which I just finished.