Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I've learned to granny square!

It's true. I've learned to crochet. I never thought I would. I'll admit, I had that knit snob attitude. You know the one. No need to explicate my sins of attitude any more.

But seeing wonderful projects around the web and on flickr and on my favorite blogs slowly and gently brought me around

I started simple. I got a real life friend to teach me the basics, then went home and made a few squares in plain yarn for practice. Then went out and bought myself an armload of Berrocco Comfort worsted weight and just dove right in. I picked the yarn because out of the washable/dryable yarns at the shop, it had the best colors. And since it's planned to be a gift, I didn't want to saddle someone else with handwashing. I've done thirty something squares out of the sixty four or so I think I'll need. I can't decide if I want to put the yellow border that I was planning on, or to just join them as is.

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angeljoy said...

Welcome back to the blog world, baby girl!!
I haven't knitted in so long, that it probably won't be a conflict of interest to take up crocheting. I've been considering it....